Stage 3 – 12-36 months – Toddler Formula

Stage 3 is a premium enriched 100% grass fed
milk formula with key vitamins and minerals
designed for the feeding and nourishment of
healthy toddlers from 12-36 months.

Once your baby turns a year old, it’s amazing to see them
transform into an independent little individual with a unique personality… curious to explore the world.

During a time of great cognitive, physical and motor
development, feel at ease knowing your toddler has the
complete nutritional support through Nutura’s science-based unique formula.

Unlike most other formulas out there, you can feel comforted knowing that we meet rigorous pharmaceutical-grade safety standards through *Higher GMP Standard.

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We understand that supporting your child’s cognitive and digestive health is so important as they grow up into little humans.

We have created a unique “Gut-Mind Boost” blend of DHA, FOS and GOS, Omega 3/6 Fatty Acids & Iron – our dietician-advised proprietary blend that supports your child’s cognitive development.

  • Highest levels of Antioxidant vitamins on the Australian market – A, C and E – for a healthy functioning immune system and the prevention of cellular damage.

  • Highest in B Group Minerals – which helps your child’s cell and metabolism function
  • High in magnesium – for healthy energy production

  • High in zinc – a vital component for healthy hair and nails

  • Through our dynamic process, we’ve added ‘oligosaccharides’ – which is the third largest component in human breast milk and has been shown to act as a great
    prebiotic and macronutrient when breastfeeding is not possible.

    See article here for reference:

  • High digestibility score with our unique blend of prebiotic dietary fibre to support gastrointestinal function.