Nutura Pregnancy Formula is a premium
enriched 100% grass-fed milk formula with key vitamins and minerals.

Nutura’s Pregnancy Formula is for the woman on the go.

Whether you’re currently in preconception or lactating, Nutura’s science-based unique Pregnancy Formula is here for you during times of need.

Feel confident and at ease knowing your infant has the
complete nutritional support for growth and development along with supporting your immune system and energy levels.

Unlike most other formulas out there, you can feel comforted knowing that we meet rigorous pharmaceutical-grade safety standards through *Higher GMP Standard.

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At many times throughout pregnancy or when you’ve just had your  newborn baby, feeling tired and worn out is often common. Our dieticians advise on a unique blend of iron, zinc, iodine and vitamin C to support and optimise your energy levels, protect cells from free radicals and support your baby’s growth and development.

With key ingredients including Folate, DHA, Iron and Prebiotic fibre, Nutura gives you the  confidence that you’re providing quality and consistent nutrition for your child and yourself.

During pregnancy, there is an increased need for iron and zinc as iron is needed to support
formulation of red blood cells, which carry oxygen to all parts of your body, while zinc helps in physical development and essential for growth.

Iron and Zinc ultimately helps keep you feeling strong throughout pregnancy and after birth.

Folic acid and B12 – which is essential in maintaining cognitive growth for your baby and
development of the foetus. Also, this aids in the division in early stages of pregnancy and
reduces chances of neural tube defects.

Sialic Acid – a component found in birds nests – has shown to have skin and immune
boosting qualities.

We understand that brain development is so critical for your child’s growth – we’ve added
Choline and Omega 3 to support your baby’s cognitive development.

High digestibility score with added GOS FOS – dietary fibre to support
gastrointestinal function.