Manuka Honey Formula

Nutura Manuka Honey Formula is a premium enriched 100% grass fed milk formula.
NZ Manuka Honey contains “Methylglyoxal” – a unique compound that has strong antibacterial properties which has been known assist to help ward off tough coughs and colds children can experience – particularly in prone places when they start nursery or school.

As a mother, you want to make sure your child is healthy and
vital as they reach school or later in their development.

Have peace of mind with Nutura’s new potent 22+ UMF Grade Manuka Honey formula, designed to support your child’s energy levels, vitality and immune system.

Unlike most other formulas out there, you can feel comforted knowing that we meet rigorous pharmaceutical-grade safety standards through *Higher GMP Standard.

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  • 22+ UMF Grade Manuka Honey

  • Naturally tasty with no added any sugars as Manuka honey makes it naturally sweet for your child to thoroughly enjoy.
  • Unlike traditional honey, Manuka honey is well known for its unique antibacterial properties.

  • Low in fat.

  • Good source of iron and folic acid – essential for red blood cell formation which carries oxygen to all parts of the body.

  • With regular exercise – our Manuka milk formula provides adequate calcium, Vitamin D and magnesium which helps to achieve strong bones and teeth.

  • Contains Vitamin A which contributes to healthy skin structure and is essential for eye function.

  • Contains antioxidant vitamins A, C & E which contributes to normal collagen production and protection from free radical damage.