Stage 4 – 3+ years – Growing Up Formula

Nutura Stage 4 is a premium enriched 100%
grass-fed milk formula with key vitamins and
minerals designed for the feeding and
nourishment of healthy toddlers from the
age of 36 months.

By your child’s third birthday, your loved one may be running muck at home, confidently walking and developing their unique voice!

During this important time of rapid growth and cognitive development, feel at ease knowing your baby has the complete nutritional support through Nutura’s science-based unique formula.

Unlike most other formulas out there, you can feel comforted knowing that we meet rigorous pharmaceutical-grade safety standards through *Higher GMP Standard.

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We understand that supporting your child’s cognitive and digestive health is so important as they grow up.

We have created a unique “Gut-Mind Boost” blend of DHA, FOS and GOS, Omega 3/6 Fatty Acids & Iron – our dietician-advised proprietary blend that supports your child’s cognitive development.

  • Highest levels of Antioxidant vitamins on the Australian market – A, C and E – for a healthy functioning immune system and the prevention of cellular damage.

  • Highest levels of 8 essentials minerals – for strong bones and healthy teeth

  • High protein – to assist in growth and muscle development for your child.
  • Through our dynamic process, we’ve added ‘oligosaccharides’ – which is the third largest component in human breast milk and has been shown to act as a great
    prebiotic and macronutrient when breastfeeding is not possible.

    See article here for reference:
    (see article here for reference:

  • High digestibility score with our unique blend of prebiotic dietary fibre to  support gastrointestinal function.